A day at the Mouse castle

There are endless stories to be told with the Maileg Mouse Castle. Encourage your child to use their imagination with these play prompts. What will chef mouse cook today? Who is visiting the castle for a royal dinner?

Each morning, Chef Mouse wakes up bright and early to prepare a delicious breakfast for the royal majesties. This morning, he’s making pastries, extra cheesy eggs, and waffles. The food smells so delicious, he had to do a little taste test for himself.

Sister mouse likes to start her mornings with a relaxing bubble bath while brother likes to sleep in until breakfast is ready.

Sister mice and baby take their place at the table with much anticipation to see what Chef Mouse has prepared for them. 

On nice days, the mice enjoy afternoon tea on the terrace. Prince and princess can laugh and chat for hours as they relax on the garden set.

Meanwhile, it’s naptime for the babies. Maid brings the pair up to their room so they can rest in their cradles. The babies adore Maid Mouse because she makes them giggle and takes good care of them.

As day turns to night, the royals congregate to the living room to warm up by the fire. The heat feels nice and makes them sleepy as they cozy up in their velvety chairs.

The mice make their way to the bedrooms to settle in for the night. They change into their comfy pj’s and cozy up in bed.