Your Maileg friends are made to last and live happily in your home for several generations to come.  

You’ll be happy to know that each year, a new charming Maileg character is born, along with new accessories and miniature interior items. This way, you can continue to add new details and expand your Maileg family from the previous years, maintaining its significance as a treasured universe that you can visit time and time again. Yes, these little friends are your friends for life, and they would love nothing more than to live with you, right until the day you decide they should meet your children or grandchildren.  

And don’t worry about wearing your little friends tired – all your Maileg friends are made from quality materials and crafted with utmost care, so you can keep them for years and eventually pass them down to the next generations. Your soft Maileg friends are filled with primarily recycled materials, and your wooden Maileg pieces are crafted mainly from FSC™ certified wood. All your Maileg keepsakes will arrive safely to your home in a re-used card box, ready to be unwrapped, so your next adventures can begin!  

FSC C168453