Maileg brings to life a world full of magical stories. This is your very own playful and imaginative universe where everything will surprise you in more than one way – matchboxes will turn into beds, real princesses will drop down for tea, and cats and mice will become the best of friends.

And just like your imagination knows no boundaries, so is the Maileg universe growing a little each year when we launch new heartwarming characters in timeless settings. This is our approach – an adventurous family that you can continue to collect, complete and cherish, as your ideas and stories unfold, and ultimately keep as life-long companions for many, many years.  

Maileg is on a Mission

The world we live in is truly a wonderful place. At Maileg, we’re on a mission to protect the world and its resources. Our hearts are in Corporate Social Responsibility, and our compass points towards Environmental, Social and Governance actions, as we work to mitigate climate changes and reduce our environmental footprint. 

Together with our suppliers and partners, we’re on a continuous journey to fulfil our goals, and this is how far we have come today:  

  • Your Maileg friends are shipped mainly by sea.  
  • We mainly use FSC™ certified cardboard and paper for all our boxes, gift wrappings, and hangtags. 
  • Our cardboard and paper for packaging products are mainly FSC™ certified. 
  • We use only polybags when it’s completely necessary (for instance to avoid dust or moisture). 
  • We reuse our export cartons.  
  • Your soft Maileg friends are filled primarily with recycled materials.  
  • Your wooden Maileg pieces are made mainly from FSC™ certified wood. 

FSC C168453 

The Sun is our Friend

Your new Maileg friend is ready to become the sunshine of your life.It’s designed in Denmark, right under a roof with solar panels – a small step we took to make the Maileg headquarter completely self-sufficient in renewable energy.Because every little step matters. 

True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart.

Our Suppliers and Partners are our Friends

True friends are never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart. This is how we think of our suppliers and partners, whom we have known for several years and whom we work closely with every day. 

We visit our suppliers regularly, and our quality assurance team is in close contact with our partners to ensure that aspects, such as inspections and internal audits at the production sites, are complied with and performed following our policy for Corporate Social Responsibility.At Maileg, we naturally follow the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, which relate to: human rights, labour, the environment, and anti-corruption. Quality assessments and tests are performed in collaboration with certified third-party laboratories.