All age guide

Safari friends are made of the softest linen and come in great colors and sizes. They give the best hug and can sit by themselves. A Safari friend is a perfect partner for adventures and long naps! Should you want to find furniture for your Best friends, you should look for medium-size furniture, as they fit most of the them

The Teddy family is a sweet collection of Teddy Baby, Junior, Mum, and Dad. They are made of soft linen and have a vintage look. If you are interested in buying clothes for your Teddies, they have their own clothing collection and beds. Should you want to find more furniture for your Teddies, you should look for furnitures to the Dollhouse/Bunny house. The Teddies fit nicely in the Dollhouse. Find Furnitures and dollhouse here.

Maileg kittens are super soft and perfect for cuddles. They are made of linen and come in nightclothes. These cute friends fit all Maileg furniture in size mini.

Find a perfect gift for the children’s room in our interior collection. Maybe the room needs some cushions and a puff to make it cozy, a garland for decorations, or something like a suitcase or basket to store all the toys in. We offer all these styles, and they can inspire children’s play and imagination.