Hi, have we met before? I’m a re-used card box, and I’ve travelled far. Today I’m here to deliver your Maileg order. Go ahead, unwrap me, and let your own adventures begin! 

Down to the very last parcel, we strive to minimise the use of new cartons and plastic.  

  • We use mainly recycled or FSC™ certified cardboard and paper when we package our products. 
  • We use polybags only when it’s completely necessary (for instance to avoid dust or moisture). 
  • We reuse cartons and cardboard boxes, for instance when we ship orders to our dealers and customers.  

When we develop a new Maileg product, we always look for ways to optimise its packaging. Your new Maileg friend will be traveling in a snug and comfy box, where we haven’t used an unnecessary amount of space or wrapping papers for it to arrive safely in your hands.    

FSC C168453