Gingerbread house

If your children wish to have their own Christmas set-up and create a warm and homely feeling for all their mice and smaller friends, the gingerbread house is the perfect way to do so. We added some new items to the house to create an even better Christmas theme. The residents can put up the Christmas tree, hang the garland and make themselves comfortable in the new furniture. We offer a broad range of items that your children can use to decorate the house, there are no limits to your children’s imaginative play.


Did you know that you can use the gingerbread house as an advent calendar? Just add the little tags with the number 1-4 and put a gift into the house every Sunday – your children will love it! 


Advent gift ideas for the gingerbread house:


Christmas garland


Vintage chair, Gold

Vintage lantern, Red or blue

Miniature grocery box

Miniature basket