Une belle journée à la plage

The Maileg Mice are headed to the beach for holiday! They could barely sleep last night because they are so excited! They can’t wait to feel the warm sand between their toes and make new memories together.

Once the mice see lifeguard cat’s lighthouse in the distance, they know they’ve almost arrived! They scurry to throw all their things in the colorful beach huts and run to the shorefront. 

Big brother and sister ike to do different activities on holiday. Big sister loves the sunshine and aspires to get as tan as the surfers. Big brother has his beach gear on and is ready to hit the waves! He can spend hours in the water and have a blast

Mum likes to relax on a beach chair. Little sister loves to make creations with her sand toys. Her and mum work together to make a pretty castle decorated with shells and seaweed, while dad mouse is taking a relaxing float in the water.

Little brother decided to give his shenanigans a rest and head to the water.

Dad finally woke up and put on his comfy robe because (as you can probably guess) he’s sun burnt!

He keeps watch over his kids playing on the shoreline and chats with lifeguard cat about the waves.

The sun begins to set creating a beautiful sunset in the horizon and the mice are getting hungry for dinner. They retire their beach accessories for the night and head in to rest.