3+ Age guide

The mice family is a big collection of many different sizes of mice. They are made of the finest linen and have different themes depending on the season. The mice are approved for all ages, we recommend them for +3 years because the child is at the golden age of imaginative play. The child’s motor skills will also be more developed, so they can change the mouse’s clothes and utilize the small furniture pieces.

The mice have their own clothing collection and furniture. Should you want to find furniture for your mice, you should look under mice – accessories.

The Bunny & Rabbit collection is made of soft natural linen & cotton fabric – which gives a lovely hand feel and look. The Rabbits have bristles and come in seven different sizes. The Bunnies have hanging ears and comes in six sizes.

Do you want to buy furniture or more clothes for the Bunny or Rabbit? They have their own clothing collection and furniture that suit the different sizes. You can also find a dollhouse for your miniature friends from Maileg.