Dollhouse starter guide

If you’re looking to furnish your Maileg House of miniature dollhouse but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right place! Our two-story abode can be personalized however you please, but sometimes you need a little inspiration to get started. We created a starter guide so your child can get straight to playtime! 

Construction just finished and it’s time to choose which lucky Maileg friends are moving in! The Maileg Dollhouse and furniture is intentionally designed for our Bunnies & Rabbits size 1/2 and the Teddy Family, but the choice is yours! Our my and micro Bunnies & Rabbits are also great additions with their complementing nursery furniture. The small attic is a perfect space for the mice to play and sleep in their matchboxes.

Our minimalist dollhouse is a blank space for imagination to run free. There are no boundaries when it comes to decorating, your kitchen can be in the attic if you please! Here is a potential floor plan idea… 

Looking to renovate? Our Bonus Room and Bathroom add-ons create space for new stories to be told. The opportunities are endless with our Bonus Room. You can customize it however you like. It can become a garage, a guest house or even a separate house of its own! Here are some ideas to spark inspiration.

We hope this starter guide gives you inspiration to create the Dollhouse of your dreams!